WordPress Security (replacing Clef)

Website security is a huge issue these days, especially if you are processing financial transactions on your site. Somewhere around 1/4 of all websites are built using WordPress, which is way more than any other website building platform. This means hackers are going to target them more. Some estimates say close to 75% of WordPress sites have almost zero security. We…

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Building Your Marketing Foundation

Have you ever noticed how many different methods there are to marketing your business? With so many marketing tactics out there, and so much “noise” about them, many small business owners get paralyzed… or worse, spreading their efforts across many tactics without seeing any results. This ultimately leads to

Lead Magnet Tele-Class Recording (WOW Wednesday)

Recording of Kevin Taylor discussing how to “Create Lead Magnets that Mesmerize”, as the guest speaker on Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN) “WOW Wednesday” tele-class (March 02, 2016). Are Your Lead Magnets Magnetic? (to download: right-click on link and select “Save As”) We all know that we need an opt-in form with a lead magnet to build our list, but let’s be honest…how…

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7 Key Components for Creating Content

Creating content takes many forms. As small business owners, we create a lot of content in the process of growing our business. When you hear the words “creating content” what do you think of? Many people think of writing blog posts. That is one area of content creation, but almost every area of your marketing plan involves content creation. When…

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Not Meant To Do It Alone

Not Meant To Do It Alone I almost got choked up at the end of this… definitely my mother’s son. 🙂 In my defense, I think most people find it hard to recall meaningful spiritual experiences without getting a little emotional though. It is healthy.If you want to learn more about the upcoming “Level Up” event I mention in the…

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Adversity I recorded this video yesterday while walking in the park, doing some brainstorming. What motivated this brainstorm session was a recent experience and the lesson I learned from it. I wanted to share my experience with you in hopes that you can also learn and grow from it. Posted to Facebook by HYBRYD Studios on Thursday, February 18, 2016