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Music has a seemingly magical ability to quickly affect our mood. Personally, the music I listen to during the day has a massive impact on my mindset and productivity.

These days there are tons of ways to listen to music, but I wanted to share some of tips & tools I use to make for a better listening experience. Plus, I find these free options more agreeable with my self-employed budget. 🙂


Yep, it is exactly what it sounds like… chillout music, but with a positive vibe. This is how they describe themselves on their website:

Welcome to Chilltrax, the world’s chillout channel! The place to unwind with downtempo and chilled grooves. Chilltrax is independently owned and operated and listener-supported.

Yay! They also have that entrepreneurial spirit!

I discovered this online station via Tunein Radio, but this station is 100% commercial free, thanks to donations from their listeners/fans (like me).Chilltrax logo

Listen to Chilltrax Here

Before we go any further…

Here is my #1 secret to listening to music online:

I use AdBlock (a Google Chrome Extension) to prevent any ads from interrupting the music, and my vibe. This tool is also donation-based. The value it adds to my life is most definitely worth the donation.AdBlock logo

Get AdBlock Here  OR  Add AdBlock to Chrome

Note – I have only used AdBlock with Google Chrome (and it works beautifully). So I would recommending using Chrome as your browser for listening to music.

Get Google Chrome Here

Okay, now that you have AdBlock, let’s move on…


You probably already know about Pandora, but now (with AdBlock) it is commercial free!!! You’re welcome. 🙂Pandora app icon

Go To Pandora


The combination of variety of music available and control I have over what plays makes this one by far my favorite.

If you are looking to set the mood with some music but don’t want to spend much time thinking about it throughout the day… this is a great option.

Many people use YouTube to find how-to videos or funny animal videos, but there are lifetimes of music on YouTube as well. Some people have been generous enough to create mixes and playlists that can last 3 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, or even longer. So it is a “set it and forget it” option.

The trick with YouTube is get the music going and immediately go to another tab. Otherwise, you risk getting lost in watching videos.

Check out the “Music for Entrepreneurs” playlists on the HYBRYD Studios YouTube channel for some done-for-you music compilations. I have tried to minimize the amount of songs with vocals because those tend to be more distracting to our minds, and thus our productivity. These will be continually updated with new music.

Calm Music for Entrepreneurs
Uplifting Music for Entrepreneurs
Energizing Music for Entrepreneurs

You can create your own playlists to match your unique style. Consider making different playlists for different goals. For instance, create an energizing playlist to listen to before client meetings and create a more mellow playlist for when you are writing.

Note – Due to legal restrictions, some YouTube videos do not play on mobile devices.YouTube logo

Go To YouTube

Do you have other music sites, tools, or tricks you like to use?

Let us know in the comments below!

 Enjoy the Journey!
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