Lead Magnet Tele-Class Recording (WOW Wednesday)

Recording of Kevin Taylor discussing how to “Create Lead Magnets that Mesmerize”, as the guest speaker on Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN)WOW Wednesday” tele-class (March 02, 2016).

Are Your Lead Magnets Magnetic? (to download: right-click on link and select “Save As”)

We all know that we need an opt-in form with a lead magnet to build our list, but let’s be honest…how excited are you to get another “free report?”

As a web designer, Kevin has helped create and redesigned lots of lead magnets and he comes to us this week to share his expertise so that your lead magnets are not only magnetic … they’re MESMERIZING!

On this call you will learn:

  • Why you should re-think your lead magnet
  • The 3 components of an effective lead magnet
  • Some creative ideas for lead magnets to inspire your inner genius

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