Webinar Management

To become distinguished in your industry, you have to constantly manage, master and maximize your time. ~ Onyi Anyado

What we offer:
  • Webinar platform recommendations (based on your needs)
  • Setup for your webinar platform (including registration pages)
  • Live “on-air” webinar assistance
    • Presenter training
    • Technical support
    • Live chat moderation

Pricing starting at $299 for 1st event, $60/month for recurring automated events.

Are you ready to host your own webinar?

If you are in business, you have knowledge, a skill, or a product. Webinars are one of the most flexible marketing tools available today. You can use a webinar to share your knowledge, teach your skill, or demonstrate your product.

Webinars have become one of the best marketing tools. They allow you to reach lots of people simultaneously, provide valuable information through your presentation, build your list and even generate sales. Due to their high level of engagement, webinars are the fastest way to build credibility and trust with your prospective customers, allowing you to serve more people. That is what we call leveraging technology to serve humanity!

Our 2 favorite features about webinars are:

  1. They remove the geographic limitations – Get face to face with prospects from different time zones (even different continents) at a time that suits their schedule.
  2. They can be recorded – Do a live webinar once then use that recording over and over again to maximize your return on investment (without losing value for the viewer).

Ready to start hosting your own webinars?

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