Social Media

Social media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to community. ~ Simon Wainwaring

What we offer:
  • Setup of social media accounts
  • On-going management of social media profiles
    • Posting updates frequently & consistently
    • Monitoring comments and messages

Could my business benefit from social media?

It is best to think of social media as word-of-mouth online. Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and it is a great tool for marketing your business.

Do you like getting customers from referrals? 

Referral customers are typically the easiest to work with, they don’t cost you any money in advertising to get them to show up and they are usually ready to buy. Oh, by the way… social media is your biggest referral resource.

We understand. Social media can be intimidating. It is constantly evolving and, with so many people sharing, it can seem overwhelming, but let’s not let that stop you from serving those you are here to serve.

Social media is a level playing field. It is like being in a conversation with a group of people. No matter who is in that group, in that conversation, you are all on equal footing (something not found in traditional pay-for-access marketing).

Get involved in the conversation and start adding positive value to people’s life before they even meet you!

78 percent of people say that a company’s social media posts impact their purchase decision. ~ Small Biz Trends

Ready to connect with your existing and prospective customers?

Let’s get started!