New Media – Video & Audio

Most people retain 95% of the message in a video, compared to only 10% of what they read in text.

What we offer:
  • Video production (YouTube videos, tutorial videos, etc.)
  • Audio recordings (podcasts, audiobooks, etc.)
  • Pre-recorded webinars (see our webinar management services)

Could my business benefit from video?

Besides in-person communication, video is the most engaging and influential form of communication. Plus, YouTube is the #2 online search engine (which is owned by the #1 search engine, Google). So it is great for getting found online.

How engaged are your customers with your message?

There are many ways to implement video into your marketing. You could have a welcome video on your homepage, have a YouTube channel, or even have an online self-paced course that is taught via pre-recorded videos (like Marie Forleo). You are probably already familiar with the power of video. The only thing left to do is to get started!

Webpages with videos convert as much as 800% more visitors to customers than the same page without video.

Ready to build trust with your customers and convert prospects to customers?

Let’s get started!