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Kevin TaylorKevin Taylor is the “Chief Passion Catalyst” at HYBRYD Marketing and he is on a mission to empower others to live to their fullest expression.

Raised by an exceptionally giving single mother in rural eastern North Carolina, Kevin learned first-hand the power and importance of serving others. His first attempt at serving others was in joining the U.S. Air Force right out of high school. Following 6 years of military service, Kevin’s heart felt there was a better way to serve the world. So, he decided not to re-enlist and moved to Tallahassee, Florida, to study drafting & design in college.

During college, he worked for a variety of businesses and pursued his passion for music, gaining lots of trial-and-error business experience along the way. After 8 years in the music business and working for almost every kind of business entity (including non-profits, federal government, state government, large corporations, and small businesses), Kevin again felt unfulfilled and wanted to find a better way to serve. So, he stepped away from his business to find balance and a deeper purpose.

Reflecting on his life experiences and his passion to make a positive difference in the world, he found the answer to his deeper calling in serving heart-centered business owners. Being raised by a single mother, he finds working with women business owners especially fulfilling. Kevin now applies the business experience, interpersonal skills, and media production skills he has gained to helping spread the uplifting messages of these heart-centered businesses to the world.

Today, Kevin’s company, HYBRYD Marketing (based in Tallahassee), provides a range of services to small businesses, including: web design, video production, and webinar management services.

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