7 Key Components for Creating Content

Creating content takes many forms. As small business owners, we create a lot of content in the process of growing our business.

When you hear the words “creating content” what do you think of?

Many people think of writing blog posts. That is one area of content creation, but almost every area of your marketing plan involves content creation.

  • When you write emails, that is content creation.
  • When you create a flyer for an event or promotion, that is content creation.
  • When you post on social media (even sharing other posts), that is content creation.
  • When you create a video for your business, that is also content creation.

When creating content of any kind, there are 7 key components you want to include.

Checklist for Creating Content

#1 Specific

The content of your lead magnet should be focused only on one targeted outcome. What is the one problem you are solving for them? You could think of this as your “big promise”.

What are you promising to help them achieve?


#2 Value

Does your “big promise” have a high perceived value for your ideal client? In the mind of the reader, the payoff for downloading and using your lead magnet should be valuable.

Is what your lead magnet helps them achieve important to them?


#3 Unique

Most likely the information you are providing in your lead magnet can be found elsewhere. What cannot be found anywhere else is your unique approach on the content. Letting your personality show within your content is the best way to make it unique.

Add your own “spin” (interpretations, insight, personality, etc.) to it!


#4 Brief

We live in the “microwave age” and our attention spans have shrunk dramatically. While personally we may not like this aspect of our culture, owner purpose as business owners is to serve those who we can benefit by meeting them where they are. Create your content so it can be consumed in less than 5 minutes (aim for 3 minutes).

Can your content be read and understood in less than 5 minutes?

(Note: this does not mean they can implement it in their life that quickly)


#5 Actionable

The main reason prospects would download a lead magnet is in hopes that it provides information to solve a problem they are currently facing. The key to a successful business is recognizing what people want and providing it for them in a way that it truly adds value to their life. Creating content is one of the primary ways we deliver that value.

Does your opt-in provide information they can implement immediately?


Marketing that requires people to think is not effective marketing.

#6 Call-to-Action

Here is an industry secret: marketing that requires people to think is not effective marketing.

When we are seeking solutions to problems, it means we recognize we don’t have the solution ourselves. So, we just want someone to tell us what to do. Offer that comfort to your prospects by specifically telling them what to do next to get the solution you offer.

What do you want them to do after they consume your lead magnet?


#7 Branding

Again, this is related to attention span. We all consumer so much information. As a result, we tend to trust information the shows consistency. Show consistency by making your brand easily identifiable. This may include: company logo, your photo, website URL, email, phone number, or links to social media pages

Is your lead magnet easily recognizable with you and your brand?


Important Note

If you do not currently have a marketing plan-of-action in place, you may want to check out our article Marketing Plan: The solution to the top 3 small business challenges.

Identifying the content creation steps within your marketing plan will help make the list above more actionable for you.

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